Rocky Mountain Mystery Writers Oct 13 Program


October 13th – Here There Be Monsters: Hunting for Criminals in the Virtual

WHERE: The Historic Denver Press Club, 1330 Glenarm Place, Denver, second

WHEN: Thursday, October 13th. 6:30 p.m. conversation and cash bar; 7:00 p.m.
Dinner; and 8:00 p.m. Program

COST: If paying via Paypal, cost for meeting with meal is $20 for members;
$23 for non-members. Payment at door for meeting with meal is $25 for
everyone! Attending the meeting without meal is $5 through PayPal and at the
door. RSVPs are necessary. Please email our Caterer Director,
<mailto:spat87506> Susan Paturzo by Monday, October 10th, to
ensure your reservation or simply RSVP and pay via PayPal on the
<> website!

Walk-ins are welcome if space and food allows.

Program details:

Prosecutor Gary Dawson, Senior Deputy, 18th Judicial District Attorney’s
Office will cover:

* Pardon me Stewardess, I speak Geek

* Evidence is Everywhere Online

* Online Luring

* Identification Through the Internet

* Exploitation

* Now How Did That Get There? Common Defenses to Incriminating
Evidence Found on a Computer

* P2P Networks

* Cellphones/ The Cloud

Gary Dawson has been a prosecutor his entire legal career. From 1996
through 2008 he was a prosecutor in the St. Lawrence County (Canton, NY) and
the Onondaga County (Syracuse, NY) District Attorney’s Office. He became a
member of the Onondaga County DA’s Office Special Victims Bureau in 2001.
He was promoted to Deputy Bureau Chief of Special Victims in 2006, and then
Bureau Chief in 2008. This bureau specialized in prosecuting some of the
most sensitive of all crimes -those involving children, child and adult
sexual assaults, and domestic violence. He has also handled numerous
computer-related cases against children and was appointed a Special United
States Attorney for the Northern District of New York for prosecutions of
child pornography. He joined the 18th Judicial District DA’s Office in
October of 2008, and was a Senior Deputy in the Special Victims Unit from
April 2009 through December 2015. He now is a Senior Deputy in the general
felony docket.

He has spoken to numerous public, service, and law enforcement agencies on
issues of domestic violence, sexual assault and criminal law. Over his
career, in addition to SVU cases, he prosecuted cases covering virtually all
facets of criminal law, including homicides, narcotics, fraud, DUI, and

Gary created the RISK program while in Syracuse and it has gone on to
educate over 11,000 parents and kids in New York. The program was
highlighted on a December 2007 Fox News segment on internet safety. Since
2009, RISK has already succeeded in reaching over 14,000 parents and
students in Colorado.

A native of Southern California, he tries to cope with the lack of gridlock
traffic (which he misses so very much), and the lack of smog, earthquakes,
mudslides, Kardashians, and the astronomical cost of housing in Los Angeles
by downhill skiing, following the Yankees, hiking, drawing cartoons, being
one of those insufferable CrossFit people, and keeping up with his three


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