October, 2015 CRW Workshops


In October, Colorado Romance Writers (CRW) takes the fear out of putting words on paper, or rather words on screen! Work with MM Pollard to action up passive voice, with Becky Martinez to realize your story ideas into novels, and with Susan Palmquist to experiment with crafting short stories.

Do you write sentences with the doer of the action in a prepositional phrase like in this sentence?
– Bonnie was asked to the dance by Frank.

That sentence is written in passive voice. Confused? You’re not the only writer who struggles with passive voice verbs. Spend a month with MM and learn how to action up your writing!

Write in Passive Voice and Be Passed Over by a Publisher
Instructor: MM Pollard
Dates: Monday, October 5 – October 30, 2015 (4 weeks)
Fee: $20.00 CRW Members; $25.00 all other students
Classifications: Writing Fundamentals, Wordsmithing, Voice, Grammar, Craft, Active vs. Passive


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