CIPA Panel March 21- Win The Publishing Game!


Date: March 21, 2015, 8:30 a.m. – Noon
Free breakfast and coffee

Location: Church of Scientology*
2340 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205

$20 for CIPA Members by 6pm Friday before Event
$30 for Nonmembers, Guests, Member Door Pricing

Register at

Win The Publishing Game!

Publishing a book—which means both producing it and marketing it effectively—is a tough game. You spend months, sometimes years, producing the best book possible. Can you make a living of the proceeds from sales? Or is it just going to give you enough money to buy ice-cream on Friday nights?

CIPA’s March meeting is going to be a frank discussion on whether or not you can make a living publishing books. Our expert panelists (all successful authors themselves) are going to give you the skinny on how they’ve done it—from how they have successfully sold books to offering related products and services. You’re going to learn their best tips for publishing longevity.

Our Stellar Panel

Kenn Amdahl

Kenn Amdahl has been self publishing books since 1990 via his company Clearwater Publishing Company. He’s published nine of his own titles, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. He’s written several other books, but he keeps rejecting himself, proving how brutal this business can be. His books have been reviewed in dozens of national publications and have received blurbs from Clive Cussler, Dave Barry, Ray Bradbury, George Garrett, Francine Mathews, and many other Real Authors. He’s served on the board of directors of several book related organizations, including CIPA, primarily to provide comic relief. Learn more about Clearwater Publishing Company at

Doris Baker

Doris Baker is publisher at Filter Press, a traditional publishing company established in El Paso County in 1957. Filter Press publishes middle grade and YA historical fiction, biographies of the heroes of the West, and books of general regional interest. Filter Press authors have received many awards including CIPA EVVY Awards, the Colorado Book Award, and Western Writers of America SPUR Awards. Doris is a past president of CIPA. Learn more about Filter Press at

Teresa Funke

Teresa Funke embodies the modern artist/entrepreneur. She is the owner of Teresa Funke & Company and Victory House Press and the award-winning author of six novels for adults and childr en based on true stories from WWII. Her articles, essays, and short stories have been featured in hundreds of publications. She is also a professional speaker offering keynotes and presentations, and a nationwide writer’s coach. She has 23 years of experience as an entrepreneur and community catalyst. Her innovative programs and boundary-pushing talks prove that she is a true thought leader, one who challenges us to change our view of how life and business should be led and how the arts and business can intersect. Learn more about Teresa Funke and Victory House Press at


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