RWA Class: Underwater Investigations



Starts: February 2, 2015
Ends: February 27, 2015

COURSE TITLE: Underwater Investigations
Instructor: Pamela Beason, P.I.

Bio: An experienced underwater scuba diver, Pamela is also the author of seven full-length works of fiction. Her books include: The Only Witness and The Only Clue in the Neema Mysteries. Shaken, Call of the Jaguar, Endangered, and Bear Bait in romantic suspense, and Undercurrents in the Summer Westin mystery series. She also has written nonfiction e-books SAVE Your Money, Your Sanity and Our Planet, and So You Want to Be a PI? Additionally Pamela has won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Bear Bait, among numerous other awards. To learn more about Pamela’s books and background, please visit her website at:

Class Description: Pamela’s course will cover a number of topics related to underwater investigations. It will include but not be limited to: recreational diving, underwater critters, wreck divers, deep divers, cave divers, and divers who swim with sharks. She’ll also cover underwater diving equipment such as scuba gear as well as tools including photography and videotaping. Commercial divers (careers) will be explored as well. The class will summarize challenges and risks for divers including getting lost, getting trapped, and running out of air. Also featured will be a summary of additional challenges and risks in diving and physical peril: nitrogen narcosis, decompression Illness (The Bends), and dangerous m arine life. The class will also discuss underwater evidence collection, underwater search and rescue, and the biggest mistakes divers make and common mistakes authors make when writing about diving.

Click the link to Register:

Fee: $15 FOR Kiss of Death Chapter/RWA Members; $30 FOR NON-KOD Members

Registration Cut-off Date: January 28, 2015


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