RMFW Free January Workshop – Denver


Thinking in Scenes: Projecting Your Fiction on Your Reader’s Mental Movie Scr

Presented by Angie Hodapp

Saturday, January 17, 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. | Sam Gary Branch Library (Stapleton) 2961 Roslyn St., Denver 80238 | Denver Free Program


"Show, Don’t Tell" is a phrase so often tossed around among fiction writers that it has almost lost its meaning. Critique partners and line editors encourage us to work more "show" into our sentences through word choice and phrasing. Good advice, when it comes to improving our prose…but is that all "show" really means?

In this workshop, you’ll learn what "show" means on a much larger scale. You’ll learn how to think in scenes-like a movie director rather than a novelist-and how to evaluate each scene in your story for both visual appeal and effectiveness at driving plot.

We’ll cover techniques for:

  • Plotting (and fixing) novels through scene lists.
  • Expressing both external and internal conflict in active, visual terms.
  • Using symbols (scene props) as visual cues to convey characters’ thoughts, emotions, and growth.
  • Revising (better yet, deleting) zero-tension scenes in which POV characters sit alone in a room (on a park bench, in a car, on a porch, etc.) and do nothing but think.

Come learn how to craft spellbinding stories by projecting compelling scenes onto your readers’ mental movie screens!

Angie Hodapp holds a BA in English education and an MA in English and communication development. She is a graduate of University of Denver’s Publishing Institute and has has taught at Writer’s Digest University and various writing conferences. A Colorado Gold Contest winner and Writers of the Future semifinalist, she works at Nelson Literary Agency. She serves as RMFW’s newsletter editor and retreat chair. She and her husband, novelist Warren Hammond, live in Denver, Colorado.



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