CRW April workshops


CRWs April workshops are right around the corner! There’s still time to sign up for one or more of these fabulous online workshops.

  • – Beginning Scrivener — Got Scrivener? Want to learn how to use it? Let Rebeca Schiller lead the way and show you how to start using this amazing new tool.
  • – Wardrobes, Weapons, Warbling & Words — Wondering if your historical character would really wear that? Or what would your 1800s era hero really say to your heroine? Learn all that and more from Beth Daniels ! This is going to be one of the last times you’ll have a chance to take this class from Beth! Register today!
  • – Candid Confessions of a Newbie Author – Ever wondered what REALLY after after "The Call?" Alexa Bourne knows, and she’s sharing all this April! Come along and get the skinny on what life is really like for a newbie author.

Visit http:// and register for these workshops today! Classes start on Monday, April 7th.

For more information visit our website at coloromancewritersonlineclasses


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