Author U: The Author Promotional Panorama


Publicity can be a giant money pit!
What’s an author to do?

What does this Saturday have in common with you and your book?

Answer: it will propel you ahead and away from competitive books. It will breathe new life into a book that is tired. It will give you a spectrum of ideas and doable strategies to implement them. It will leapfrog you and your book. Sound interesting?

If so, for starters, decide if publicity will help your book …

My response: the right kind always does. How do you find the “right kind”?

My response: show up and participate this Saturday at the Author U Brunch & Lea rn. You have at your front door a literary publicist coming to Colorado just to present on Saturday … Stephanie Barko knows what works today and more importantly, what doesn’t. It’s why she’s a top ranked publicist—she gets results for her authors and she’s sharing insider tips with you.

You will get the timelines to put in place; the how-tos of blog and virtual tours; how to keep costs down if you do hire someone; how to do it yourself; the latest in what works for author media releases; what to include in a media kit and what to dump; and plenty more.

In the afternoon bonus session, Stephanie has reserved 20 spots to do one-on-one laser coaching—there are 7 left.
Next Saturday is an opportunity to brainstorm and learn from the #1 literary publicist in the U.S voted by Editors and Preditors. It’s an Author U Brunch & Learn that no author who wants to get publicity, noticed and get mas ter strategies on how to move and publicize a book should miss.

My question for you: why wouldn’t you want to attend for a fraction of her hourly fee? When it comes to author publicity and promotion, it’s easy to get lost. Wouldn’t you like to be found? Aren’t you and your book worth it?

Hope to see you on Saturday at 10 …

Register at Author U member rate only through Thursday:

PS … On Wednesday AM, registration will increase $10.


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