Author U June 15th Event: Crowdfunding Unplugged!


Author U June 15th Event: Crowdfunding Unplugged!

It’s new … we are moving to a Saturday Brunch and Learn format. June’s program is all about funding your book and writing projects. Whether you need $1,000 or $100,000, crowdfunding is an option.

There’s money in the cyber clouds and Author U’s first regular Saturday pops with a topic that authors want to know about … where to get money to support, create, publish and market their books.

Crowdfunding: Raise Capital To Fund Your Creative Project
Crowdfunding is “the” method for creative thinkers to raise capital for their businesses and projects. It enables anyone the opportunity to raise money for anything, without going to a publisher, VC, or bank. In this workshop, Leigh Lepore, Founder of Crowdfunding Strategy & Information, will walk through what crowdfunding is, which type of crowdfunding (e.g., donations, rewards, debt, or equity) is ideal for which situations, and how to set up a successful campaign. We will discuss in detail the key steps for engaging an audience, presenting your project to the market (including creating the right video), and hitting your goal.
. Would you like money for your Book Project?
. Would you like to expand your book empire using OPM-other people’s money? . Would you like to learn the how and why of how to do it?
. Would you like to learn about crowdfunding from someone who creates the strategy and copy for crowdfunding projects?
. Would you like to learn how to create your own crowdfunding project?

We’ve got the answers to all of the above and much more. See you Saturday morning for a late Brunch and Learn at Author U. Author U is switching to a Brunch and Learn format after the recent survey with our members. Leigh Lepore is a crowdfunding strategist. She raises funds for products, creative ideas and causes. Leigh has raised a total of $40K for her personal campaigns and has researched, blogged and trained with top platforms and crowdfunding partners to assist in the raising of mega thousands for authors and entrepreneurial projects.

Leigh is the Founder of Crowdfunding Strategy & Information. She advises small businesses and creative individuals on raising money for their projects through crowdfunding. Leigh has successfully raised $40K for her personal campaigns and advised others on campaigns of over $100K. She is passionate about helping others and being socially responsible. She is focused on crowdfunding especially for those who cannot fundraise for themselves and believes in a communal yet competitive approach to achieve success.

She began her career in crowdfunding while in San Francisco where she trained with the top funding platforms and worked with industry partners. Since then, her passion for democratizing funding and empowering others has led her to raise thousands of dollars and help people around the world.

Leigh started her career in Environmental Engineering and Strategy Consulting with a top global consulting firm. She later transitioned to work for a Fortune 200 financial services corporation until fulfilling her entrepreneurial spirit and successfully reinventing an antique African art business in San Francisco.

When: Saturday, June 15th from 10 am to 2 pm
Where: Hilton Garden Inn, DTC
Cost: $30 members | $40 nonmembers
More info here:


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