New Prose Workshop


New Prose Workshop for Writers Studio Literary Festival, April 13

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, ACC Writers Studio regrets to announce that Marcia Douglas will be unable to join us as originally scheduled for our morning prose workshop. We are pleased to announce, however, that Novelist William Haywood Henderson will offer a workshop on “Show Don’t Tell: A Thousand Ways to Evoke Meaning and Emotion.” Seats are still available for this workshop and for the festival. If you are interested, email Kathryn Winograd at writerstudio<mailto:writerstudio>. RSVP by April 10th.

Show Don’t Tell: A Thousand Ways to Evoke Meaning and Emotion: Fiction Workshop with Bill Haywood Henderson

Whether we’re writing fiction or non-fiction, we all hear the old “show don’t tell” cliché repeatedly, but what does the cliché actually mean, and why is “showing” vital? It is through the demonstration of emotion and meaning, rather than the stating of emotion and meaning, that you allow a reader to enter fully the world that you create on the page. Readers love following clues and action, subtle imagery and metaphor, and so on, so that they feel that they are actively engaged in the unfolding of the story, memoir, or essay, rather than feeling that they are being led through the world by a pedantic nincompoop (and no one wants to be a pedantic nincompoop, right?). But how to show? How do you transfer “he was morose and lovelorn” into something that evokes “morose” and “lovelorn” through action, image, detail, complex thought, realistic (yet dramatic) dialogue, and whatever other tricks are useful at the moment? In this class, through a series of exercises and the close reading of excellent examples, you’ll gain the tools you need to create truly evocative (not heavy handed or explanatory) prose, to show your readers what’s happening on the page rather than telling them. And, okay, maybe not a full thousand ways (we only have two hours).


William Haywood Henderson holds an MA in Creative Writing from Brown University, was a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing at Stanford University, and is the author of three novels: Native, The Rest of the Earth, and Augusta Locke.

For Festival Details go to our Writers Studio Literary Festival Website<>.

Kathryn Winograd
Kathryn Winograd M.F.A., Ph.D.
English Faculty\Writer’s Studio
School of Liberal Arts and Professional Programs
Arapahoe Community College
303 797 5815


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