Author U March Dinner


Author U’s March Dinner and a Program
Thursday, March 21st
Got Book? Want Book? Here’s How to Thrive and Survive with Your Book … AND What to Do Next!

Four amazing members of the Author U community are sharing their personal expertise-Personal and Book, journeys. Print and eBook strategies; dealing with the author overwhelm that is woven throughout their paths; branding; selling books; and so much more.

Each is successful. Each has had hiccups. Each has figured out ways that work uniquely for him or her. Each would not turn back. Each will share their tips and secrets. How cool is that?

Learn from Lynn Hellerstein (See It. Say It. Do It! was her first book birth-she now has 3), Michelle Marchildon (Finding More on the Mat-books #2 and #3 will pop before this summer), Nick Taylor (Pactum is book #5 and is now available for fantasy fans) and A.J. White (The Bloomers-her first with many to come).

This is not a “wa, waa, waaaaaa” program-you won’t hear a “It’s too hard”-we all know that authoring and publishing isn’t a piece of cake-it’s work. But, you’ve got four seasoned people plus moderator Judith Briles (The Woman’s Guide to Financial Savvy was the first and now at #30) who have “been there, done that, feels your pain, blah, blah, blah” and they are going to share some amazing insight, how-tos, what to do, what to avoid as you go forward.

March’s Dinner and a Program is all about surviving and thriving … for YOU and your BOOK.

Your take-aways include: How to deal with all the overwhelm; what do now that your book is in hand or on its way to your doorstep; how to prioritize which steps to do first; what not to do; and breathe. If your objective is to be seriously successful as an author, you can’t miss this program.

Date: Thursday, March 21st
Cost: $30 for members; $40 for non-members UNTIL March 19th. After the 19th, add $10.
Location: Doubletree SE (Iliff/225)
Time: 6:00to 9:00

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