CIPA Meeting


How many times have you been in an amazing presentation and you thought to
yourself, I wish we had more time to actually apply all this information to
my project (my book, my marketing, etc.)?

Come to the March 16 CIPA meeting and get hands on help with marketing your

Last months meeting with Heather Lutzes Thumbonomics was a resounding
success. Many of you who attended said on your evaluations that you wanted
more time and more experience with the tools Heather talked about. Were
turning one whole CIPA meeting into a workshopa Thumbonomics workshop where
we will have six facilitators helping you figure out how to apply
Thumbonomics and other successful marketing tools to your own marketing

Here are the topics you can choose from:

Table #1Learning the Basics of Thumbonomics. Dr. Patricia Ross, our
program chair and now VP of CIPA, will go over the basics of Thumbonomics
for those who want to make sure they know how to use the Google keywords
tool, or if you missed last months meeting and want to know what all the
hub-bub is about.

Table #2Facebook. How should you use Thumbonomics and other marketing
tools to help increase your traffic on Facebook and LinkedIn? Hosted by our
Social Media expert, Mary Walewski. She will help you make your Facebook and
LinkedIn accounts work better for you.

Table #3Twitter. How to make the most of your Tweets with Leslie Miller
and Cherish Flieder. They have a lot of good ideas to help you use Twitter
effectively – and remember, Leslie is the person who Twitters for Heather
Lutze herself!

Table #4Blogging. This table will help you make the most of your blogs
using the principles of Thumbonomics. (Facilitator to be announced.)

Table #5Applying the idea of findability to your website. (Facilitator to
be announced.)

Table #6Amazon and Thumbonomics. Our President, Brian Schwartz, will be
hosting a table on how to apply Thumbonomics to Amazon and how to make the
most of your Amazon presence to boost sales.

There will be four half hour sessions, and there is no rule that says you
cant table hop mid presentation if you want to make sure to hit all six

Publishing is 10% writing and 90% marketing. CIPA is all about helping you
become a better publisherso take advantage of a CIPA morning of Marketing
Madness! Youll leave not just with tools you can try, but with real
marketing strategies tailored to fit your book and your message!

Remember, the meetings are held at the Church of Scientology, Colorado, 2340
Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205 and there is FREE parking in the back of the

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Doors open at 8am. Enjoy breakfast in the café.

Meeting begins at 8:30am.

Register at

$20 for CIPA Members by 9pm Friday before Event

$30 for Nonmembers, Guests, Member Door Pricing

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