Author U’s February Dinner and Program


Author U´s February Dinner and a Program
Wednesday, February 13th
Boring Speakers Suck…There Are NO Boring Subjects…There ARE Boring Speakers

Many authors just want to write … let the world find them. If that´s what you believe, go back to sleep and have a good snooze. Authors may have the gift of the written word, yet they flunk with the verbal variety. Authors must be promoters. One of the best ways to promote yourself and your work is via the speaking platform. February´s Dinner and a Program is all about speaking. There are no boring subjects …there are too many boring speakers.
What are the crucial and must have elements of a great speech? What are the common mistakes speakers need to avoid? Get Judith´s Briles´ perspective-someone who has been there, done that-of speaking and selling books at the highest level. With her 30 years of speaking that has generated millions of dollars in revenues with combined book and fees, she walks her talk and talks the walk.
Judith has nine questions for you:
§ Do you want to create a speech that gets attention and bookings? § Do you want to be known as the “go to” person and a “must have” speaker? § Do you want to use powerful stories and humor within a presentation, even when your topic is controversial or could be considered a downer? § Do you want to be paid every time you speak?
§ Do you want to sell books whenever and wherever you speak? § Do you want to connect with your audience?
§ Do you want to know how to find people that will hire you? § Do you want to know tips on how to go from FREE to FEE?
§ Do you want recovery tips on what to do when you are bombing? You´ve got the topic and the book … now what? Create the speech or workshop. Every speech needs a great beginning, nuggets with how-tos and action, and a powerful closing. You will learn how to structure a keynote speech or workshop. Your talk will sell books-lots of them. Learn how to find your audience, get them to pay you, and skyrocket your book sales. Learn how to “drill down” within your niche. Expect hot seats.

Your take-aways include how to be a better speaker, how to create and deliver a powerful message around your book ,and how to speak with impact! Date: Wednesday, February 13th (a one-time variation of the regular AU meeting day)
Where: Doubletree SE, 225 and Iliff
Cost: $30 for members; $40 for non-members
Time: 5.30 to 9:00
Info at

Judith Briles made her living with her mouth and books on the Platform for 30 years creating over $5,000,000 in combined speaking and book sale revenues. She´s the author of 30 books and has spoken to groups as large as 5,000 and as small as 5. Learn insider tips and techniques to create the talk that sells YOU, the author, and YOUR BOOK. The author of 30 books, her latest is Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms


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