CIPA’s January Meeting: How to Build & Maintain an Author Platform


Are some authors just lucky and sell a lot of books? Some are, but for most authors, selling a ton of books is the result of a well-developed author platform. Not trends. Not luck. Platform.

Do you know how to reach your target market of buyers? If you don’t, then I hope to see you at the January 19 CIPA meeting. You’re going to learn how to not only build-but maintain a stellar author marketing platform that will lead to lots and lots of book sales!

Robin Hoffman, the “Get Published” Coach, is our guide to marketing platforms. At the January meeting, you’ll learn:

* the secrets of what a successful author platform is
* the four key components that make up a marketing platform that will get you noticed
* steps you need to take to build each component
* and how to continually add to your platform so that you can enjoy sales and success for your book, for years to come.

Join us January 19-and may your book sales never be dull again!

Robin Colucci Hoffman, The Get Published Coach helps coaches, speakers, and consultants write their books and get published by Random House, Doubleday, J. Wiley & Sons, Hay House, and others, many of which won awards and/or became bestsellers. Look for her book: From Expert to Author: How to Write a Book that Sells coming soon. fcc2&id=ae3c096413&e=71f60ec7bb> How to Build and Maintain an Author Platform

Saturday, January 19, 2013

8:00 a.m. – Noon

Church of Scientology cc2&id=7f5a519c51&e=71f60ec7bb> *

2340 Blake Street

Denver, CO 80205

$20 for CIPA Members by 9pm Friday before Event

$30 for Nonmembers, Guests, Member Door Pricing


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