Speak Peace :Colorado Responds Art and Poetry Contest Results


Arapahoe Community College and Writers Studio is happy to announce the results of its Speak Peace: Colorado Responds art and poetry contest. All place winners and honorable mentions will read and present their work during the Speak Peace: Colorado Responds contest celebration on October 26th from 5-7p.m. in the Colorado Gallery of the Arts in the Annex Building on the main Arapahoe Community College campus. Free refreshments and parking. Everyone is invited to attend.

Poetry Contest Results

Lisa Hardman of Highlands Ranch, Colorado won 1st place for “Remembering Dr. Galston” and will receive $200.
Gia Opris of Denver Colorado won 2nd place for “Alive Omen” and will receive $150.
Amy Irish of Littleton, Colorado won 3rd place for “Finding Peace in the City” and will receive $100.
Honorable Mentions
Erika Christiansen of Denver, Colorado for “Peace is Me”
Manijeh Badiozamani of Highlands Ranch, Colorado for “Forgotten” – Laurie Gibb of Denver, Colorado for “Perspectives ”
Hildegard Guttendorfer of Denver, Colorado for “because of war” Julie Huun of Englewood, Colorado for ” Soiled America ”
Emily Rodgers-Ramos of Loveland, Colorado for “If only… ”
Lynn Wagner of Denver, Colorado for “After Picasso”
John Whatley of Highlands Ranch, Colorado for “Speak Peace a Series of Haiku”

Art Contest Results

1st Place — Where Wishes Fly –Sue Wilson
2nd Place — Peace is Me — Erika Christiansen
3rd Place — Memories –Aileen Gaumond
Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention — Colors of War — Candice Hughes


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