Time to Enter the Colorado Book Awards


Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book is now accepting entries for the 2013 Colorado Book Awards, recognizing the best books by Colorado authors, editors, publishers, illustrators and photographers published in 2012. The awards are presented annually with awards given in a number of categories. Past categories have included: anthology, biography, children’s literature, creative nonfiction, fiction, genre fiction, history, juvenile literature, nonfiction, pictorial, poetry, and young adult.

Eligible books include any work published by a Colorado author, illustrator, editor, publisher or photographer, and include hardcover, paperback and e-published books. Entries forms must be submitted online, but payment and copies can be provided online or through surface mail. It is acceptable to enter your own work.

For more information on how to submit, or to recommend a book published in 2012, please visit the Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book website at http://www.coloradohumanities.org, click on Programs and go to Colorado Book Awards page. You may also contact Christine Goff, program coordinator for CCFTB, at goff@coloradohumanities.org or by calling 303.894.7951 x21.


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