Share Your Heart by Writing from Your Roots


What: Writing from Your Roots, Denver Press Club Spring Writing Seminar When: Saturday, April 28, 2012, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Where: Denver Woman’s Press Club historic clubhouse at 1325 Logan Street, Denver, CO. Free parking in lot on north side of building. Cost: $40 for DWPC members; $45 for non-members through April 21 and $50 for non-members after April 21 or at the door. Please send checks made payable to Linda Pohle, DWPC Treasurer, 1587 S. Tremont Ct., Denver, CO 80231
Info/RSVP: or Georgia Garnsey,720-273-0451;

Crafting your journey of identity and cultural discovery in memoir, fiction and poetry at the Denver Woman’s Press Club on April 28, 2012.Do you hear the whispers of generations past? Are your family stories and scandals, rituals and recipes that come down like legends told around an ancient campfire, begging for a wider audience? Sweeping historical novels, a poignant family memoir or cultural explorations expressed in poetry or personal essay can all spring from your own, individual stories.

Get inspiration—and solid how-to information—for finding your roots as a way to define and redefine yourselves, then crafting your tales at “Writing from Your Roots,”presented by the Denver Woman’s Press Club, from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Sat., April 28 at the club’s historic clubhouse, 1325 Logan St., Denver.

Three speakers—Michael Heralda, Angela Keane and Corinne Brown—will present their own unique perspectives on discovering their roots, They’ll share the surprises they found in their research, what they learned about their ancestral families and how it led to a better understanding of who they are.
Los Angeles native,Michael Heralda is a songwriter, poet and storyteller who was prompted to investigate his own indigenous Aztec and Mexican roots after finding a book at a yard sale. He travels the US sharing his journey with interactive activities including use of various handmade indigenous instruments as an example of his culturally inspired music, writing and storytelling.
Angela Keane writes, edits and produces personal histories on DVD and in book format. Keane will encourage participants how to keep and preserve old documents found in trucks or file cabinets for little cost and how to decipher what may be hidden with the pages. Keane’s Irish roots have led her to begin working on her own family history, “The Book of Biff and Ruth.”
Published author and freelance writer,Corinne Brown became interested in her family’s stories after learning of a family member’s survival during World War II. That revelation led her to explore the subject of persecution and oppression. She is currently working on a novel about the modern day Spanish Catholics whose Jewish ancestors originated in Medieval Spain. Generations later, many of these individuals have discovered their Jewish roots and some are returning to Judaism.

Sponsored by the DWPC and Metropolitan State College of Denver, Department of Chicana/Studies, Journey Through Our Heritage Program.


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