CIPA March Meeting


Saturday, March 17, 8:00 a.m. – Noon, Lone Tree Arts Center

Cost: Members: $15, Nonmembers $30. Register at

Authors have been trained to think that if their book has "distribution"
then it will be stocked by bookstores everywhere and will sell like
hotcakes. The reality is actually quite different.

Distribution is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the publishing
business. Some authors get it confused with wholesalers like Ingram or Baker
& Taylor. Some authors get hooked up with distribution companies that
promise them the world and produce little to nothing in the long run.

Mark Levine, author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing and CEO of
Hillcrest Media Group (which provides POD and traditional distribution to
1,000+ authors) will clear up the confusion!

Come to CIPA’s Saturday, March 17 meeting and learn:

. What "book distribution" is and what it isn’t

. The types of distribution: print-on-demand (POD), traditional,
and ebook

. The relationship between distribution and wholesale

. The relationship between distribution and marketing

. Distribution math: How the wrong publisher, high printing costs
and low royalties, can alter an author’s bottom line

You will come away from the presentation armed with knowledge so that when
it comes time to distribute your book, you will know what questions to ask,
what to expect with a distribution contract, and you’ll have more certainty
that you’re making the right choices about distributors and distribution
options for your book.

NOTICE: CIPA has changed meeting locations. All 2011-2012 CIPA Meetings will
be held at the brand-new Lone Tree Arts Center, 10075 Commons Street, Lone
Tree, CO. (Just west of I-25 off Lincoln Ave. by Yosemite St.)
<> See MAP for directions.


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