CIPA January Program: Does Your Book Meet Industry Standards?


Does Your Book Meet Industry Standards?

We spend thousands of dollars getting our book through the writing and publishing process. But is your book up to industry standards?

Find out on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at the Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s monthly meeting!

A fast-moving panel of experts will illustrate what it takes to create an award-winning book, how to get five-star reviews, and what the publishing industry is really looking for when using the term “high-quality?”

. You’ll see hands on what it takes to capture a judge’s attention and get answers from our award-winning layout and cover designers, who will show you samples of good design vs. poorly designed books.

. You’ll get expert advice from award-winning editors who will show you examples of good content vs. bad content, as well as correct copy editing vs. incorrect copy editing.

. You’ll learn the secrets to obtaining five-star reviews from some of the top book reviewers in Colorado and find out how to keep your book from receiving the dreaded negative review.

. You’ll hear from one CIPA member whose book has won 14 top awards, including a 1st place EVVY and 1st place in Writer’s Digest’s Self-Publishing contest. Find out what made his book stand out from the rest.

. Is your book ready to meet industry standards? Find out when we put you on the hot seat? Bring your book and have our panel of experts give your book live critique or praise.

Don’t miss this information-packed, hands-on event!

Saturday, January 21 from 8:00 a.m.-Noon at the brand-new Lone Tree Arts Center. See Map for directions.

Register Now! $15.00 CIPA members. $30.00 nonmembers at


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