Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book – 2012 Annual Colorado Book Awards.


Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book is now accepting entries for the 2012, 21st Annual Colorado Book Awards.
To be eligible for a 2012 Colorado Book Award, the primary contributor to the book must be a Colorado writer, editor, illustrator or photographer, and the entry must have a 2011 publication date. Current Colorado residents are eligible, as are individuals engaged in ongoing literary work in the state and contributors whose personal history, identity, or literary work reflect a strong Colorado influence. A contributor not currently a Colorado resident who feels his or her work is inspired by or connected to Colorado should submit a letter with his/her entry describing the connection. Final eligibility determinations will be made by the Colorado Book Awards Advisory Committee.

Additional entry guidelines, forms and a link to our online Submission Manager are all available on the Colorado Humanities website.

All entries must be submitted online, shipped and/or postmarked or delivered to the Colorado Humanities office no later than January 13, 2012.

The Center is also looking for qualified volunteers to participate as a Book Award Selector or Judge.

See for more information about the awards.


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