Author U presents: The BUZZ Factor


Author U presents:
The BUZZ Factor . How Branding Lights Up Book Sales
Thursday April 14th at 6.30 p.m.

Your presenter is Andy Cleary, founder and owner of the Orbit Design in Denver. He became frustrated early on with the accepted graphic design studio mode of developing marketing materials. He asked, “Are we just designing pretty brochures for the client that can be entered in the next design competition? – there has to be something more.”

More than Pretty
This challenge has become a continuing quest that has led Andy to unique branding concepts and a fascination with the sales process. He characterizes his approach to marketing as “rubber to the road” and his ideas culminated in his recent book Genius Simple Branding.

The Branding MapT
“We developed a “Branding MapT process,” comments Cleary, “that literally keeps your entire book, your company, your brand on the same page. Instead of guessing-everyone on your team can move confidently in the direction of True North in its messaging, icons, values, vision . everything that comprises a dynamic brand that drives book and product sales.”

Systematic Yes, Traditional No
For Authors, if you want a fresh and at times irreverent look at how your book and your branding of it (and you) drives sales, Genius Simple Branding takes aim at a few marketing sacred cows like mission statements (“branding promises are clear water, mission statements are mud”), marketing plans (“Marketing plans are based on fiction – Go-to-Market Strategies are based on action”), direct mail (“for most serious selling applications, direct mail is dead”), research (“keep your finger on the pulse of your crowd instead”). Even if you disagree, you will gain an understanding of the science of buzz and how to build a brand to drive sales. Buzz builds book sales and enhances “you”.

You will come away with:

§ What is buzz and where does it come from?
§ Does buzz matter to me?
§ What are the different types of buzz?
§ How does buzz fit into my sales process?
§ How do I create buzz?
§ What is the relationship of buzz to social networking?
§ Is my Brand really the oil well of my company’s future?

Andy Cleary started out writing anything, for anybody, for any amount of money. He began with newspapers and insane asylums (similar places but teaching writing in the latter). He has since written articles for the Rocky Mountain News, the Denver Post, Rolling Stone Magazine, numerous national/international industry magazines, four books and countless marketing pieces for commercial clients. Andy’s lifelong passion for branding and sales began in 1976 with a garage full of unsold books. While observing these books, sitting on pallets, it occurred to him that writing was not enough. The time for learning how to sell was immediately. He founded Orbit Design in 1983. Andy lives in restaurant-happy Northwest Denver, Colorado with his wife, two sons, and a pet frog.


Registration: 6:30 pm

Program: 7:00 pm

Location: Hilton Garden Inn Denver Tech Center
Cost: $30 members; $35 Non-members until April 11th; then it increases $5


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