Writing Seminar at Denver Woman’s Press Club – April 16th


Writing Seminar at Denver Woman’s Press Club – April 16, 2011

Words from the Heart:
Writing Your Personal story—How to Do It and How to Sell It

Our personal stories define us—and redefine us. The power in our words can change lives and even save lives. Learn how to tell your story and find the right market for your work. Come for inspiration and leave with solid ideas for crafting and selling your stories.

When: Saturday, April 16, 2011, 8:30 a.m. (registration) to Noon Who: Three experts in crafting and selling personal essay to create positive change on the world stage and for individuals
Where: Denver Woman’s Press Club, 1325 Logan St., Denver, CO 80203 Free parking in the lot on the north side of the house.
Cost: $35 DWPC members
$40 non-members (before April 9th)
$45 non-members (in the week before and at the door)
Snacks and beverages included.
Please make checks payable to the Denver Woman’s Press Club and mail with your contact information to DWPC Spring Seminar, 1325 Logan St, Denver, CO 80203.

Contact: Details at http://www.dwpconline.org or 303-839-1519.

Speakers include:
1. Hadidja Nyiransekuye Ph.D., author of The Lances Were Looking Down: One Woman’s Path Through the Rwandan Genocide to Life in the States, A Memoir – A close up and personal look at one woman’s ordeal in surviving the tragedy of a country on the brink of disaster. Hear firsthand how a survivor the Rwandan genocide was able to recount her story of war with grace and compassion. A true inspiration for anyone who dares to write about human suffering and the power of redemption. 2. Jane Treat and Nancy Geha, Ed.D., Women in Middlehood: Half-Way Up the Mountain We live in a culture that celebrates youth and new ideas. Gone is the age-old respect for elders and the appreciation for people and things that have lasted. What happens when we come into our middle years and are no longer young? In their forthcoming book, Dr. Geha and Ms. Treat explore the questions, challenges and joys of women taking on middle years. In this session they will share some of the stories and findings they have collected from women between 40 and 65. Topics will include: putting the emphasis on middle instead of on “aged;” redefining strength and beauty; letting go of how we used to be and embracing how we are; and what it takes to be able to say, “never been better!”
3. Kali Fajardo-Anstine, Short Story Markets: Where to Go With Your Story Are your personal stories worth sharing? The difference between journaling and actually marketing our “words from the heart” is based upon several key factors. Finding a market, researching the topic, and identifying your audience are all important issues to consider. This young writer will share her sometimes funny and weird experiences as a young writer in the crazy MFA world and her search for journals that will publish her short stories. Kali is a 2009 graduate of
Metropolitan State College of Denver (BA in English) is currently studying in the Master’s of Fine Arts program at San Diego State University. She won 1st place in the Colorado Writers Studio 2010 fiction contest, is featured in the 2010 NYU Bellevue Literary Journal and Other Tongues: Mixed- Race Women Speak Out, Nov. 2010. She recently won a 2011 Residency for Writers at Hedgebrook in Washington State.

The seminar is supported by Metropolitan State College of Denver Journey Through Our Heritage Program, in connection with Tribute to National Poetry Month.

Bonnie McCune, 303-394-3710, bfmccune@gmail.com


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