Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Presents: “The Wild West of Publishing”


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Presents:

“The Wild West of Publishing”

Location: Standley Lake Library, 8485 Kipling St.

Date: Saturday, Feb. 26

Time: 1 to 3 p.m.

Cost: $0 (Free!) Bring your friends!

It is becoming harder and harder to get published in traditional houses these days. Not only are contracts harder to come by, but the all important advance had dwindled down to practically nothing. Because of that market shift, there are now more ways to publish than ever before—and a plethora of publishing companies to accommodate your demand. Some are very good and help their authors succeed. Some are out to take your money and run. How do you negotiate this “wild west” of the publishing world? Come to this seminar and find out!

Dr. Ross, long-time editor and ghostwriter turned entrepreneurial “indie” publisher can help you figure out what the best publishing option is for your book.

A discussion of what good marketing looks like for your book and what role a publisher plays in marketing your book.

The seminar’s objective is to have you leave with a good understanding of the publishing world as it currently stands and how you see yourself fitting into that world with your book.

Patricia Ross, Ph.D. in English, is an editor/ghostwriter turned entrepreneurial publisher. Nine years ago, she was on track to become a tenured professor at the University of Colorado, but she’s too much of an entrepreneur at heart. She ventured out on her own, determined to teach people everywhere to write better. She has been a corporate trainer, a teacher trainer, a tutor, and the “go to” editor for two print-on-demand/hybrid publishers. Two years ago, she was asked to start a publishing company. Dr. Ross took up the challenge and created Roberts & Ross, a publishing company that synthesizes the best of traditional publishing with the most effective strategies of Print on Demand. Roberts & Ross was recently re-branded as Hugo House. This new breed of “indie” publishing is dedicated to fully supporting its authors so that they have more confidence that their book represents them and the book gets better results—more business booked and more books sold.


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