4 January, 2011 17:07


Admit it: we’ve all thought about writing a blog but where do you start and how 
do you make money from it anyway? Get serious how-to from two of Colorado’s top 
bloggers on January 26 at CAL’s luncheon at the Denver Press Club.

What:  CAL Luncheon
When:  January 26, 2011, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where:  The Denver Press Club
Price:  $16 for CAL members, $25 for non-members
RSVP by Monday, January 24, to www.ColoradoAuthors.org or vbane@comcast.net or 

Jason Bane author of Colorado’s most popular political blog, ColoradoPols, and 
Claire Walter co-creator of Mile High on the Cheap as well as three other 
award-winning blogs on travel, culinary arts, and nordic walking, give us the 
inside scoop on creating and marketing a successful blog.

Jason and Claire are the real deal. We’re talking millions of page views, 
Huffington Post and “Best of” awards. This isn’t somebody blogging about her 
cats, not that there’s anything wrong with that...

ColoradoPols is part of “The Washington Post” Political Blog Network and has 
consistently won “Best Blog” awards from “Westword” and “5280” since its 
inception in 2004. The site racks up  over a million page views per month thanks 
to Jason Bane, a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism who 
has written for PEOPLE Magazine as well as other national magazines and 
newspapers.  Bane sold his first blog, MileHighNights.com, in 2004.

Besides authoring more than a dozen books, Claire Walter has maintained three 
blogs since 2006 - Culinary Colorado, Travel Babel, and Nordic Walking USA - as 
well as co-writing with Laura Daily, Mile High on the Cheap, another “Westword” 
award-winner for 2010.  Walter, who lives in Boulder, is also a frequent 
contributor to leading national and regional magazines, and shows up online in 
the “Huffington Post.”

Start 2011 with an investment in your career! See you at lunch!


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