Denver Press Club Book Beat with Dave Hnida Benefits Vets


Friends of the Denver Press Club,

Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Dave Hnida’s book, “Paradise General: Riding the Surge at a Combat Hospital in Iraq”; he’ll be our guest at 6 p.m. Thursday for a free Book Beat event. No registration required; just show up:

“World War II was the ‘good war,’ but I wondered just how good it was to those families who received the dreaded telegram from the War Department, saying their husband, son or brother wouldn’t be coming home. And now more than fifty years later had still not come home. How was life for these families in the decade since? And how would life be for the families of the more than four thousand Americans who wouldn’t be coming home from my war? Could I and would I make a difference? My mind and heart argued the question. I thrust the thoughts and numbers from my brain, wondering as my plane began its descent whether I was equipped to prevent any more patriotic deaths in a controversial war.”

Dave will give away (not sell) a few copies of his book. And in lieu of payment, Dave will set out a donation jar for two causes: (1) Fisher House, which provides lodging for families of wounded soldiers who are at Walter Reed Army Medical Center; (2) Wounded Warriors Project, which provides aid to veterans injured in Iraq and

See you Thursday evening.
Bruce Goldberg


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