DPC Capitol Steps Concert Lowers Price


Friends of the Denver Press Club,
I’ve spoken to enough of you the past two weeks to realize that you’d like
to go see the DPC-produced Capitol Steps show on Sunday night, but need a
So how’s this: We’ve dropped ticket prices to a very affordable $35.00
each. Now, head over to Ticketmaster and reserve tickets for you and perhaps
family members. And please spread the news to your office colleagues and
other professional contacts that the nation’s top musical political satire
troupe is coming to town.
Also, you can avoid the $6.75 service charge by buying tickets at the
Newman Center box office, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Thursday or Friday.
The show starts at 5 p.m. this Sunday, May 16, at the Newman Center (doors
open 4:30 p.m.).
Here are 2 more reviews:
(1) "The Capitol Steps are what Washington would be like if everyone were
smarter and could sing." — P.J. O’Rourke, our most recent Runyon Award
(2) "Some people in Washington are confused, but the Capitol Steps are
not." — Al Gore
I hope to see you Sunday at the show.
Bruce Goldberg


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