CAL Workshop: The Elusive Editorial Process:


“The Elusive Editorial Process: Three Editors, One Creative Director, and An Agent Bare All!”

Before you send another query or book proposal, listen to our line-up of three editors, a creative director and an agent as they talk about production schedules, selection processes, visuals, titles that sell, and budgets—everything you need to know to minimize rejection and maximize sales.

What: Colorado Authors League Spring Workshop
When: Saturday, May 1, 2010 9 AM-2 PM
Where: 1325 Logan (The Denver Woman’s Press Club)
Why: Learn secrets from the other side of the desk for what they want, when they want it and how they want it. Make your idea irresistible. Cost: $85; Your seminar fee includes: Coffee and tea, lunch, handouts and magazines.
Limited to 50 participants! SIGN UP NOW!!!!!!!
Please send check payments to: CAL Spring Seminar, c/o Pam Novotny, 933 Pine St., Boulder, CO 80302
Or Register Online through Blacktie.
For info: Call Pam Novotny at 720-217-3910 or email at

8:30-8:55AM: Coffee and networking

9:00-9:55AM: Geometry for Writers: Finding the Perfect Angle Geoff Van Dyke, deputy editor of 5280 magazine and former freelancer for Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Outside and others, will talk about the difference between topics and angles. He will show stories with perfect angles—and tell why they succeed—using an issue of 5280.

10:00-10:55: What Agents Know that You Need to Know
Sandra Bond of the Bond Literary Agency, representing both fiction and non-fiction, will tell us what makes the difference between a project that hooks her, and one on which she’ll take a pass. Once she agrees to represent a client’s work, she’ll tell what makes the difference between a publishing sale and a no-sale. Bond will show examples that worked, from real-life projects in commercial fiction and non-fiction.

11:00-11:55AM: Can You See It? The Visual Component of Words That Sell Ellen Gray and Kim Morrill, editor and creative director of Colorado View, will discuss the importance of “art” with words. They will tell how they envision a story package and how writers can learn to conceptualize their own stories, thereby enhancing their

Noon-12:55PM: Box lunch and networking

1:00-1:55PM: The Inside Scoop
Christine DeOrio, editor of Mountain Living, will talk about everything from the editor’s perspective: the selection process for stories in any given issue, how cover stories are decided, how titles are chosen, how budgets are distributed, when editors are least likely to return calls because of production schedules—in other words, how a magazine is put together physically, intellectually and fiscally.


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