Heart of Denver Class


*Heart of Denver Workshop: *


*Features Kay Bergstrom, writing as Cassie Miles

Saturday, November 21st
9:30 a.m.

*First Universalist Church
4101 E Hampden Av
Denver, CO 80222*
*Hooking the Editor:*

Secret baby. Amnesia. Forced marriage. These hooks have all been used before. Why? Because they work!

When you’re pitching, hooks are the buzz words that light up an editor’s eyes. Because they work!

Hooks work in every stage of the writing process, from starting a new story to making a current project more sell-able. (Is there any reason why your tortured hero can’t be a Navy SEAL who recently inherited a billion dollars?) We’ll talk about how to pay off the hook in terms of plot, how to make a tried-and-true story fresh by using character motivation and how to tailor the hook to a specific line (suspense, paranormal, historical). Hooks are the foundation, whether you’re building a castle or a log cabin. Why? Because they work.

*Writing as Cassie Miles, Kay Bergstrom recently published her 50th Harlequin.* Buy all three books in her current trilogy for Intrigue: COLORADO ABDUCTION (Oct), UNDER THE MISTLETOE WITH THE BODYGUARD (Nov), and SECLUDED WITH THE COWBOY (Dec).

For more details go to http://www.hodrw.com


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