Denver Book Mall closes Aug 31


Since the Denver Book Mall has hosted so many signings by local authors, we’re posting this notice of their change of venue and a request for some moving help:

As some of you may have heard, the Denver Book Mall is closing by August 31. Who Else! Books, taking along 9 other book sellers, is starting up the Broadway Book Mall at 200 S. Broadway, southeast corner of Broadway and Cedar, just 3-1/2 blocks south of the Denver Book Mall location, 4-1/2 blocks south of the Mayan Theatre. And get this: Better parking. Check for more details. Phone number to come.

We are aiming for a mid-August opening, and later planning a huge 3-day Labor Day weekend Grand Opening with refreshments and just maybe door prizes.

Ron and I, at our advanced ages (no smiley face here), could really use some volunteers to help us move. If you live in the Denver area and love us a lot and can contribute an hour or two, please check out my June 14 blog post at, where I beg for help, and leave a comment or otherwise let me know. We also really, really need you to help us get the word out about our new venture. Please link to our new web site (above), blog about it, and send information to everyone on your email lists who might be interested. You are a big part of why we are embarking on this new adventure.

Nina and Ron Else

Who Else! Books


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