Pikes Peak Writers Conference Almost Here!


Pikes Peak Writers Conference begins one month from today!

More info here.

This means that there are a few deadlines coming up that you should be
aware of–

TODAY is the last day to reserve a hotel room at the Marriott with the
special PPWC discounted rate. If you call later in the week, the
hotel MIGHT honor it, but better to be safe and call today:

APRIL 1 marks the date that the PPWC registration fees go up. To
register at the best rate, do it before the end of the month.

In case you need some encouragement, here are some reasons to register for
PPWC 2009 now:

1) Ruh, PPW’s doggie mascot, will be there!

2) The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is ranked in the TOP 10 WRITERS
CONFERENCES IN THE COUNTRY by the industry standard, Writer’s Digest Magazine

3) The PPWC Keynote speakers this year are FANTABULOUS: Jeffery
Deaver, Laura Resnick, James N. Frey, and Susan Mallery

4) The earlier you register, the better chance you have of getting a
pitch appointment and/or Read & Critique appointment with the editor/agent
of your choice

5) You can learn more to improve your writing during the weekend of
PPWC than in a whole year of working on your own!


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