Writing: The Work of a Life, A Life of Work


Writing: The Work of a Life, A Life of Work

Saturday, May 16, 10 a.m. to noon

Denver Woman’s Press Club, 1325 Logan St

Free and open to the public For information, 303.839.1519 http://www.dwpconline.org

Writing has become a significant medium through which we better understand both the human life cycle and our own lives. We publish books, text on cell phones, compose on the Internet, e-mail on computers, and blog in world-wide conversations. Are we are all writers now? And why are so many of us penning memoirs? How do we change as writers over our lifetimes, and what role does technology play?


a.. Elinor (Ellie) Miller Greenberg, Ed.D, writer, blogger, consultant, and former university administrator; co-author, A Time of Our Own: In Celebration of Women Over Sixty

b.. Florence Klein, web site founder, broker, founder, http://www.SilverPlanet.com, serving ages 55+

c.. Carol Sullivan, Ph.D. writer, author, teacher, and former Colorado legislator, creator of course series Turning Your Life into Story

d.. Jacquelyn Wonder, Ph.D. writer, lecturer, and consultant, co-author, The Forever Mind: Eight Ways to Unleash the Powers of Your Mature Mind Writing has played important, but different, roles in both the personal and professional lives of these panelists.

In this program, they will describe those roles, their published and unpublished writing, their venues, and their writing practices. They will also discuss how the forms and purposes for which they write have changed over their lifetimes, while shaping and re-shaping their writing and the communities in which they have lived and worked.

This panel is being included as a Silver Planet Network Group in the Silver Planet/ Rose Community Foundation project, Boomers Leading Change, now taking place in the seven county Denver Metropolitan area. The Silver Planet Network Group project aims to meet the needs of boomers and seniors through networking real-time, on-the-ground group activities, as well as through http://www.SilverPlanet.com, a web site that serves the age 55 + population.


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