Humor in Writing: The Art of the Funny Bone


February Write Brain
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Cottonwood Artist’s School. Get the _map_
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Humor in Writing: The Art of the Funny Bone.

Winter blues got you down? We’ve got the perfect pick-me-up that’s
guaranteed to tickle your funny bone: an evening with our very own Robert Spiller,
author of the Bonnie Pinkwater mystery series, and all-around funny guy. Sip
some hot cocoa and relax as Bob teaches us how to write straight comedy or just
add a little humor to our novels. If you’d like, bring a few jokes to share.

Robert Spiller is the author of the Bonnie Pinkwater mystery series. A
former stand-up comedian and front man for a monumentally horrible rock band, he
lives in Colorado Springs with his best friend and wife Barbara. One of the
best days of his life was the day his publisher–after reading The Witch of
Agnesi, the first book in the Bonnie Pinkwater series–said, “I laughed out



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