Date change – Three Approaches to Story Structure


Tuesday, October 28th, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. NOTE DATE CHANGE!!!
FREE for Pikes Peak Writers Members! Non-members may attend ONE Write Brain for free;
additional Write Brain sessions are $10.00 each.
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Plot is one of those things that everyone understands until they have to pin
it down, and yet knowing the plot of your story before you start writing it
makes for stronger fiction and more productive work. This workshop examines
three different approaches to plot structure (the punch line structure, the
traditional structure, and the dramatic beat structure) with examples and
analysis of each one.
Daniel Abraham is the author of seven novels, two dozen short stories, and
several comic books. He has been nominated for Nebula, Hugo, and World
Fantasy awards, and received the International Horror Guild award. If you would
like to participate in this Write Brain session, PLEASE RSVP AND INCLUDE YOUR
CONTACT INFORMATION. Note that this does not commit you to attending, but does
enable us to prepare enough materials for expected attendees, and
importantly, it gives us a way to contact you if we have an emergency change to the
Write Brain session, such as a postponement due to weather. We will make every
attempt to post changes to the PPW Yahoo loop and this Web site, but to be
ensured of notification you must RSVP. If the workshop must be rescheduled due to
inclement weather or another problem,_click here_
( for
information on rescheduling.


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